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                                Peninsular Malaysia  


Lumut, the gateway to Pangkor Island, is situated about 84 km south of Ipoh City, Lumut is well known for its beautiful shell and coral handcrafts. The best time visit this dreamy little haven is between the months of August and November when the Annual Sea Festival "Pesta Laut" is held. There are sea sports competitions, cultural shows and fun and food fairs for everybody both young and old to enjoy. Do check with the Perak Tourist Information Center for the actual date the festival for the year. Linger awhile on the beautiful palm fringed shores of Teluk Batik, located approximately 6km from the town of Lumut . This strecth of beach is a favourite haunt for campers, picnickers and sun worshippers. The sparkling blue sea is enticingly warm and ideal for swimming. Canoeing ia another favourite sport along this stretch of coastal waters.


Lumut in Malay Language (Bahasa Malaysia ) is mean moss, lichen, or seaweed. Why this town is being called Lumut? This is because in the earlier days, the beach in this town is rich of moss, so the local people called it Lumut.  Once a relatively unknown fishing town it has since acquired the proud distiction of being the home base of the Royal Malaysian Navy and the take-off point for the beautiful offshore islands in the bustle of development taking place around it, the town still retains its quite charm. 

What's new

For recent years, the local goverment Majlis Daerah Manjung has put a lot of effort to beautify it as a one of the main attractions in Perak State .

Places of Interest
One new huge recreational park called Esplande near the Jalan Titi Panjang has been built. It is strongly believed that Esplande will attract more people to Lumut.

Teluk Batik
Approxiametly 6.5 km from Lumut lies Teluk Batik, a favorite spot for campers, picnicker, swimmers and sun-lovers. The stretches of white sandy beach are ideal for whatever activity of inactivity you have in mind. You can rent rooms and chalets along the beach at bargain prices.

Country Clubs and Luxury Hotels
Country clubs and luxury hotels are springing up everywhere, but Lumut has little to offer apart from some souvenir shops selling shells and some reasonable beaches outside town. 

Lumut Port
Lumut Port (Pelabuhan Lumut) has been developed to service the nearby industry estates, and the town itself has had a pleasing facelift.

As to support to the local goverment effort,  the local developers have built a lot of Condominiums to make Lumut more attrative. 
The Malaysian Navy (Angkatan Tentera Laut Di Raja Malaysia ) has its principal base just outside town.(Please CLICKhere to see some Lumut Town photo.)

How To Get There

There're many ways to reach Lumut, the jump off point for Pangkor. Basically, the most easiest way to reach Lumut is to take bus.The Lumut Bus Station is near to the town centre, a five minute walk to the ferry jetty. Lumut is well connected with other destinations on the peninsula. There are direct buses from KL to Lumut run several times per day. There are daily buses from Butterworth to Lumut. A taxi or coach journey from Kuala Lumpur takes about four hours and from Butterworth ( Penang ) takes about three hours. Once in Lumut, can catch the ferry to Pangkor Island , a comfortable 45 minutes-long sea voyage. Regular bus and taxi services are available from all major towns to Lumut. For the latest news, the ferry services from Lumut to Medan , Indonesia has been closed recently. So, there is no more ferry to Medan .

The Lumut Jetty